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For all of those wanting to learn our process and dive into the booming hop market we are finally providing you with the crucial first steps in making this possible.  We are the only company out there that can offer the type of insight and advice for starting a hydroponic hop farm.  We have talked the talk and walked the walk.  No one else can provide you with our level of knowledge and insight when it comes to hydroponic hop production.  We were the first to raise hydroponic hops on a commercial scale and remain the only ones currently in operation...in the world!  Our goal is not a selfish one, we want to share our knowledge with the world and make hydroponic hop farming the way of the future.

Join us.

We have teamed up with Manula, a digital publishing company, to create an easy comprehensive digital manual for starting up a hydroponic hop greenhouse. Within the manual you will find all of our secrets, tips and lessons learned to building a successful hydro hop business.  For a one time nominal fee (less than a few hours worth of consultation) you will gain access to our digital format manual accessible from up to five different internet capable devices.

What's Included.

1.  Data! We provide the data needed to help secure business loans, etc. Such as; Cost, Potential Income, Yields, Proven Models, etc.

2. Nutrient Recipe & Fertigation Schedules

3.  IPM Program

4. Securing Customers, advertising, etc.

5. Basic guidelines and tips for greenhouse construction and layout.

6. Resources. Links to products and companies we use.

What's not Included.

This manual is not meant to teach you the ins and outs of building a greenhouse or running a business.  This is not an in depth step by step approach manual.  A certain level of knowledge about both greenhouse production and hydroponics is a must. This manual just fills in all of the areas where we do things differently and things to watch out for.  We have spent the investment and time into years of trial and error to create the first set of standards for hydroponic hops and this information is what you are buying into.


​  $299.00*