NOBODY grows hops like us on a commercial level! We are your only source of high quality hydroponic hops in the world!



We only reap the freshest hops for you and your brew kettle. By hand-picking all of our hops, you are ensured fresh, and ripe, cones. 


A New Generation of Farming

Beautiful photos of our last few years in operation.

Building a Better Mousetrap

We have taken on the task of creating a better quality hop with less carbon footprint. Our techniques are unheard of in commercial hop production and our results are equally uncommon. Although there is still much to learn we are proving that great quality cones can be a reality for everyone despite location or climate.


From Our Greenhouse to Your Beer

We take pride in applying the same concept of artisanal craft beer quality techniques in our hops. The idea of high quality beer at a higher price was a rarity in the early 90's, yet some pioneers of craft brewing ignored the critics and pushed on because they realized the people wanted a better quality beer and were willing to take any means necessary to create that beer.  Well luckily the brewers were right and craft beer has become a big deal! So when we hear critics about our techniques we feel we are simply walking in the footsteps of the founders of craft beer and one day quality hops grown hydroponically will be common place. Cheers to the hop revolution!

Hydro Hop Digital Manual

  • Yield Data
  • Nutrient Recipes
  • Greenhouse Setup
  • ​Growing Methods
  • And much more...

Various publications about our progress as hydroponic hop innovators.